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Amsterdam, Netherlands

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Open your mind to all that is possible, visualise your goals then make plans to get there!!

Hi, I'm Kayleigh.
I've worked internationally with high-profile brands, leading multi-cultural teams in delivering outstanding retail operations and world-class customer service.
I lead with my ears and eyes wide open first; to absorb and quickly identify what measures to take to build a winning team!

Having studied NLP and being a huge advocate of mental strength, I know exactly what it takes to build strong personal resilience whilst creating a path to success - and success is happiness.

Often described as 'the breathe of fresh air' I bring enthusiasm, positivity and an abundance of energy that radiates and impacts others!

In a world where you can be anything, be a good person. Do good things. Speak well to yourself and to those around you.
Your actions imprint onto everyone.
I'm highly tuned into EQ and can upskill almost anyone to be more self-aware. In doing so, communications improve, collaboration is optimised and teams productivity sky rockets!

And it all starts with the power of you.

Thank you for reading this, I look forward to talking soon.

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United Kingdom

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Work Experience 1

International Franchise Show, Germany

Franchise Retail



Spoke virtually for 30 minutes to international audiences around 'why now could be a perfect time to be self-employed through franchise'

Work Experience 2

Women Who Inspire

Published Co-Author



Wrote a chapter alongside other global influential, high-profile women. My chapter is titled 'Embracing Discomfort'

Work Experience 3

Customer Impact in a time of Crisis

Consulting & Coaching



Supported a fashion brand with the facilitation of my workshop 'leadership through EQ' to support team leaders and store teams in overcoming and GROWING through a moment of crisis

Work Experience 4




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